January 14th, 2010

For those of you new to my sites or blog, here’s a little about me.  Sounds like a title page, doesn’t it?!

I am a university trained potter with an almost degree in art (still need those pesky math classes that I have put off for years).  When I started out in pottery, I did lots of shows then eventually moved into doing wholesale business.  Eventually I couldn’t keep up with the demand ( a good thing!) and I started hiring employees.  I ended up with 25 people working for me and we had over 900 accounts.  By then, I had moved to making the pottery from molds, many of which were my own design.  After awhile, I realized all I was doing was running the business.  I never had time for making pots or designing new work.  After much thought, I closed the business.  I was burned out and took a ” real” job for about 5 years working at an advertising agency.

Then the call to make art became too loud to ignore and I left the corporate work and started making pottery again and doing shows.  After several years of doing that, I had to have surgery on my hands (carpel tunnel and wrist tendon release) for overworking my hands.  So that was the end of the pottery for awhile.  Another couple of jobs ensued but two years ago I retired from work and started helping Steve with his business.  As some of you know, he is a custom gunsmith and we sell a line of parts and a “how-to” video.  The order business had grown so much it needed more help than the one part-time employee who  worked for us one day a week.  Who would be the best choice to take her place??? Me, of course!!!  So back to work for Steve.

The fun part about working for your husband is that you can set your own hours.  I have managed to make time for art now.   I started doing pottery again, just for me.  Recently I have been doing mixed media painting.  I’m a follower of Kelly Rae Roberts (See link), so you might look at her site to see my inspiration.  I’m working through Joanne Sharpe’s (See link) whimsical lettering book as I want to add my own thoughts in my own handwriting to my artwork.  That’s what I have been up to and why you haven’t heard anything from me for awhile.

I had a fun class recently using CeCe Caldwell’s  (See link)  chalk paint and now plan to paint some of my furniture.  Oh, the art plans I have!

I placed links to their websites in the links area on the right.

What have YOU been up to?


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